Translation Services During COVID-19

We asked our Director of Translation, Una Hartzell-Baird, a few questions surrounding our ISO 9001 and 17100 standards and how they affect our translation services during COVID-19. She shares how these high-quality standards elevate our translation work and the benefits it brings to our clients. Watch the video interview or read a recap below.

What are the high-quality standards by which LUNA works?

Quality, trust, and customer service are the goals for LUNA’s Translation Team. These are reflected in our compliance with and certifications of ISO 9001 and 17100 standards. These standards outline the components necessary for a quality management system (QMS) as well as the processes and requirements for translation services.

How important were ISO standards to the translation process during COVID-19?

Our certification process for ISO 9001 and 17100 standards places us in a unique position to continually document, demonstrate, and improve our processes with the ultimate goal of delivering the best customer care. A commitment to meeting the client’s and community’s needs is at the center of the ISO 9001 and 17100 standards. Where it may be tempting to cut corners on small projects like health and safety single-page flyers, our commitment to the ISO 17100 standard ensures that all projects no matter the size have two pairs of qualified eyes on them.

Can you give examples of how ISO standards helped to deliver translation services?

LUNA’s hospital and warehouse clients were making not only daily but sometimes hourly changes to their COVID-19 procedures.¬† Having solid processes in place allowed us to quickly deliver quality translations. This allowed our clients in turn to make sure that everyone at their facilities understood the new procedures and requirements quickly.

Why should a client look for a company certified to ISO standards?

The ISO standards serve as signals of a commitment to quality, customer service, and ultimately to trust. Having a strong process that all team members are trained on ensures that LUNA’s team is efficient saving all of our clients time and money. Our processes for qualifying translators and managing projects allow us to adjust to increased volume quickly and ensure that even an influx of same-day requests can be accommodated without increasing costs to our clients.


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