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In today’s globalized market, it is very possible that your company or organization has several bilingual staff members already working for you. Do you find that you are calling upon these employees to help with interpreting services when working with a non-English speaking consumer? How do those employees negotiate their permanent role on your team and the role of an interpreter?

LUNA is excited to offer a language neutral training that is specifically designed for bilingual employees who may be new to the idea of interpreting and may not be aware of the guidelines that govern the profession. There is often a slippery slope of boundary confusion for everyone involved when these roles are not properly navigated. Our training for your bilingual employees is a combination of interpreting ethics, decision making, proper interpreting etiquette and even common workplace English idioms.

While using a bilingual staff for interpreting purposes may be a short term solution to a language barrier, we also train the bilingual employees to know when to step out and recommend that a professional interpreter step in. This process may also include putting together a language access plan for your organization so that your staff will know the next step to take when your bilingual employee is not available or not equipped for the interpreting needs at hand.

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This nationally recognized medical interpreter training covers ethics and procedures, professional conduct, and medical terminology. This 40 hour course is offered several times a year.


All bilingual employees who serve as an interpreter in their office will benefit from spending their lunch hour with a group of interpreters for a free monthly table topic.


All interpreters, regardless of language or training, have a code of ethics or professional conduct that guides their work. Ethics parties are fun social events to dive into ethical issues.