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Objectives of the Pathways to Certification Mentor Program

  • To provide direct mentoring services to Interpreter Training Program practicum students with Bethel College, Goshen College and Indianapolis University Purdue University at Indianapolis
  • To provide direct mentoring services to identified non-IIC interpreters around the state
  • To foster peer-to-peer relationship building and mentoring opportunities
  • To develop a safe learning environment for new interpreters to discuss real-life interpreting issues and ethics
  • To gain the job experience for On-Site and VRI assignments

Key features of the Pathways to Certification

  • Statewide network connected through the Central office “hub” by video conferencing equipment
  • Online social network of participants
  • Nationally certified and trained interpreting mentors
  • Ongoing skills assessments done by Jay Krieger and the Director of ASL Services and Education

Additional Components to Pathways to Certification

Navigate, a program geared specifically towards recent graduates from Interpreter Training Programs, is designed as a “gateway” opportunity for recent graduates to learn more about the local interpreting community and to help answer their real-life interpreting questions.

LUNA is proud to offer an ASL Fellowship position for a recent graduate. The Fellow will formally join the ranks of our ASL department for six months and have the opportunity to work with our staff interpreters on a regular and one-on-one basis while taking community work with supervision and discretion. Moreover, through the Fellowship opportunity, the Fellow will also be privy to the inner workings of a fast-paced and vibrant interpreting agency and get a bird’s eye view of what the business and coordinating side of interpreting looks like.

The overriding goal of the Pathways to Certification mentoring program is to increase the number of IIC interpreters in the state of Indiana. With the objectives to Educate, Encourage and Equip new interpreters as they jumpstart their careers with the support of an established and respected language agency by their side.

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At LUNA, we subscribe to the maxim of not being the “sage on the stage”, but rather, we prefer to be the “guide by the side”. Our mentoring programs are participant-centric and are customized to meet the varying needs of each person in the program.



Learning and mentoring cannot happen in a bubble. Great care is taken to follow the Code of Professional Conduct from RID on confidentiality while still allowing the mentoring participants to dialogue about “the work”.



Just like most anything worthwhile in life, our mentoring participants get out of the program, what they put into it. You can expect out mentors to equal the enthusiasm and motivation to learning that participants bring to the table.