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Here at LUNA we put a priority on providing various types of training and educational opportunities for all of our interpreters to help them engage in their own interpreting learning. This supports our larger goal of raising the quality and quantity of qualified interpreters in the area. LUNA is proud to offer a variety of professional development opportunities to our interpreters.

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is a nationally recognized training for spoken language interpreters in the medical setting. This language neutral, 40 hour training course covers: basic interpreter skill, information on health care, culture in interpreting, communication skills for advocacy and professional development. Before registering for the Bridging the Gap training, you must pass the Language Proficiency Assessment in English and one foreign language at a level 8 or higher. Attendance for all 40 hours and a final exam score of 70% or higher will qualify the participants for a certificate on completion of the training. This is a fantastic way to build upon your interpreting skills and prepare for working in the medical setting!

Ethics Parties

Ethics Parties are a great way to meet other working interpreters in a safe environment to talk about how we do our work. Care is given to make sure that confidentiality is at the forefront of our discussions. The goal is to put the RID Code of Professional Conduct and the LUNA Language Services’ Code of Ethics to the test as we professionally talk about different approaches and perspectives on the ethical components of our work. The Ethics Parties are free and we welcome interpreters of any language to join us.

Terp Talks

Terp Talks are a one hour, “brown bag” lunch-time professional development opportunity for any of our working interpreters. If you have time between jobs and want to stop by the office from 12p-1p on the first Wednesday of every month, we would love to have you join us. Bring your lunch with you and we’ll dine together in the conference room while engaging in an open discussion on professional related subjects, such as: ethics, personal business practices, certification plans, etc.

Mental Health Interpreting Workshop

Do you want to learn more about the field of mental health to improve your understanding of and interpreting in that particular venue? Join us for a three hour, beginning to intermediate level workshop on interpreting in mental health. This language neutral workshop is meant to help orient the participants to the vernacular and nuances of interpreting in outpatient, inpatient and group therapy settings. Time will be given to discuss the more commonly prescribed medications and diagnosis. Cultural implications will also be infused in the discussions so as to better understand our roles as interpreters in this often emotionally-laden area of interpreting. CEUs for ASL interpreters will be available.

Legal Interpreting Workshop

The legal system is an area where many interpreters do not want to work, many times because of the unknown expectations, vocabulary and rules. This basic to intermediate, 3 hour workshop is designed to demystify the decorum and specialized vocabulary of the court room and lawyer offices. Words, phrases and statements will be explained in English so that any working interpreter can gain a better understanding of the inner-workings of the legal system. CEUs for ASL interpreters will be available.

Pathways to Certification

It is time to start down the pathway to certification again! This eight-week mentoring program is specifically designed for ASL interpreters who are seeking national certification. Through assessments, one-on-one mentoring, language mentoring and on-the-job opportunities, our mentees will have the unique opportunity to work with seasoned interpreters. Also offered as part of Pathways to Certification will be peer facilitated study groups designed to direct discussions more specifically to test expectations and information. Weekly meetings with a mentor will be an expectation of this program, as well as participation in a hands-on “practicum” event. The overall goal of the PTC program is to support participants who are actively working towards their national certification, therefore, at the end of the mentoring program it is strongly encouraged that participants register for the test for which they are next in line to take.

ASL Mentoring Training

This six-hour, one day training is for nationally certified interpreters who would like to know more about the mentoring process and to become a mentor for LUNA Language Services in the Pathways to Certification mentoring program. This training will teach mentoring methods that will help the mentor give constructive feedback to the mentees, as well as strategies that can be used to help offset interpersonal and ethical dilemmas that may be encountered and discussed within the mentoring process. CEUs will be offered for this training.

Spoken Language Mentoring Program

In partnership with Exodus Refugee, LUNA Language Services would like to offer a one-of-a-kind interpreting mentoring program for resettled refugees who show an interest and skill set for interpreting. After experiencing the 40 hour training of Bridging the Gap and a language proficiency assessment, participants will be eligible to continue their interpreting training through mentoring with seasoned spoken and ASL interpreters. Trainings will be focused on ethics, cultural issues, professionalism, personal business strategies and best practices for interpreters. Participants will spend eight weeks working in a cohort of other new interpreters while learning more about the field of interpreting and how they can use the skills they already possess in a way that helps their community and provides for their family.

NIC Written Study Group

This six week study group will be offered for ASL interpreters who are interested in preparing for their NIC Generalist written exam. Discussions will be based on the test guidelines and information provided by RID to better help people prepare for the test. The group will meet once a week in a relaxed environment and participants will be encouraged to dissect and discuss the interpreting issues that are highlighted on the NIC written test.

NIC Performance Preparation Workshop

This one-day, six hour workshop is geared towards ASL interpreters who are registered and wanting to take the NIC Performance exam. This is not a skills assessment workshop, but rather a place to hone and practice critical thinking skills for the interview portion of the test.

More than Words Journal Club

MTW is a network of inter-disciplinary interpreting professionals that meet on a monthly basis to discuss relevant and current interpreting topics. We recognize that there is not enough networking and information sharing between the spoken language and sign language interpreting worlds. Our goal is to engage in constructive dialogue seated in the larger interpreting profession. We will be looking at academic journal articles that are focused on some facet of the interpreting profession and will discuss the integral elements of the article: design of the study, methods used, results, article discussion and discussion questions.The facilitator role will rotate so that the responsibility does not fall on any one person’s shoulders. As a facilitator you would be responsible to find a relevant journal article that you can circulate electronically to other members of the group. Along with the journal, you would add five discussion questions of your own. When the group meets (over food, of course… there HAS to be food involved), we will use the discussion questions to launch us into thought-provoking and professionally edifying conversation about our work.

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