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LUNA Language Services is proud to partner with The International Center to provide Cross-Cultural Training for our clients and to the communities we serve. There is a natural synergy between LUNA and The International Center to provide cross-cultural communication and education about diverse cultures. With forty years of experience, the International Center provides an in-depth knowledge and essential understanding about foreign countries and cultural norms and differences.



Global Competency Training

The Global Competency Training program aims to increase knowledge, skill and understanding of different cultural populations. With more cultural competency, we can work and live with an understanding of the diversity in our own communities and also outreach to foreign clients. The International Center provides a customized training program for corporate clients, service providers, educational institutions and community organizations. Highlights of this program include:

  • Developing Global Competency
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Country and Culture-Specific Information
  • Conducting Businesses Across Cultures

Other Cross-Cultural Services

Our clients can further benefit from our partnership with the International Center through an array of additional services relating to cross-cultural communications.

  • International Visitor Services
  • International Client Relations
  • International Business Communication
  • International Event Management
  • International Flag Display
  • Destination and Relocation Services
  • Orientation for International Employees
  • Orientation for Expatriates

The relationship between LUNA and the International Center is another example of how we believe the sum is greater than its parts. In addition to a full spectrum of language services, our clients can receive cross cultural training to expand their connections and relationships with international communities and diverse populations living within our local community.

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