Chris Waters

Chris Waters

CEO & Owner

Chris Waters is the Founder and CEO of LUNA Language Services. Born and raised in Indiana, Chris obtained a business and finance degree at Oklahoma Baptist University and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic. Chris learned Spanish with the community farmers whom he worked with and also on the basketball court where he was a fan favorite. It was there that Chris started interpreting at medical clinics.

Chris considers Latin America his second home because of the deep relationships he established while investing his time and efforts in the region. His interest in cultures and people beyond the borders of the United States has shadowed him during his lifetime.

Upon his return to Indiana, Chris began interpreting at Methodist Hospital. Experiencing the influx of immigrants entering Indianapolis at the time, he launched Indianapolis Interpreters in 2001. Chris built a team around him of amazing people – interpreters who were committed to their communities and to improving the field of language services. The company rebranded in 2014 as LUNA Language Services to better reflect the geographic range and full scope of services it offered.

Chris is always available to clients and interpreters to discuss language solutions and any challenges to be met. He oversees and manages LUNA’s growth and continues to be committed to providing employment opportunities and language access to the immigrant and Deaf and Hard of Hearing populations in the region. Chris’ management style is both as a visionary and a consensus-builder. Anyone who has met Chris understands that his approach is as personal as it is professional. His commitment to his company matches his dedication to his family, his friends and his desire to be a responsible citizen in the world.