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Software Translation Services

Software translation services are a wonderful way to celebrate a more diverse workplace and to offer a product or service to an expanded market. If you are a company that either uses or sells software, this translation service may present a unique and important opportunity for growth and expansion.

Strengthen Your International Digital Presence Through Software Translation

Software translation services refer to translating a software product from one language to another (or multiple languages). Because software can be technical and nuanced, using a professional translation service can be instrumental in this process. In fact, professional translators specialize in IT and technological translation to ensure an accurate final product.

There are numerous advantages to software translation services that include:

  • Growth – If your company’s software and materials are made more accessible to different native speakers, you can grow your business and strengthen your brand. Translated software allows you to tap into international online markets and expand your digital reach.
  • Inclusion – Using a quality translation service is an effective way to demonstrate that your company values inclusion. By opening up your material to international users, you can celebrate languages, cultures, and different forms of communication.
  • Employee Unity – Software translation services can help your employees and consumers share a mutual understanding of your products and services. Some software may contain sensitive company information about policy and benefits, so you want to ensure all valued employees clearly understand these topics. For IT companies who sell software, making this information accessible to different audiences ensures your customers have the same quality experience.

Software Translation and Software Localization

Software translation should not be confused with software localization services. The software localization process can include language translation, but this process takes extra steps to ensure the software experience is entirely suited to international markets.

Software localization can be defined as adapting software to international users’ cultures and languages. This includes video material, graphic design, standards of measurement, and UX changes that make the software feel accessible to the target user.

Sometimes, a software language translation may perfectly suit a company’s needs. However, in cases where international users interact with the software daily, the localization process may be necessary to adapt the software user interface. Consider, for example, a language with larger characters not supported by the standard English text. If the characters are squeezed into a page due to the design, it can be difficult for international users to navigate. Even further, it can cause frustration and confusion in the work environment.

You can welcome individuals of all backgrounds and cultures to your digital presence by utilizing software translation and localization to create quality management systems. This is a great way to grow business and build a framework for a more diverse workplace.

Types of Software and IT Content We Service

At LUNA, we have decades of experience in software translation services for different businesses, academic institutions, governments, and more. Our professional translators offer over 200 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL).

Interested in learning more about the IT and business content we can translate? Here are a few of our key services:

  • Websites – If you have an IT website that needs to be made more accessible, LUNA can help complete website translation. Websites are often the first impression a company makes on a consumer, so they must be easy to navigate and accessible to various speakers. Our translators can complete website translations with technical accuracy across IT industries.
  • Training Resources – If your company software contains training resources for employees, these should be translated so all employees can understand them. Training materials may include paperwork for new hires, company updates, or software programs for employees stepping into a new position. LUNA can provide accurate translation services for training documents.
  • Internal Documents – For IT companies that need internal documents translated, we can help. LUNA’s team members adhere to a strict confidentiality policy that includes a strict code of ethics. We understand that internal company documents must be secure and kept private, and we will uphold a confidentiality agreement while translating internal IT documents.
  • HR Materials – Sometimes, company software may include HR materials like employee handbooks and benefits information. LUNA has experience translating this type of material so all employees can understand it and know where to go in case of questions or confusion.

How Does the Translation Process Work?

Each translation project is unique and varies by timeline, cost, and final delivery. However, there are some key steps you can expect to follow when you work with LUNA:

  • Identifying Your Needs – First, identify your needs and consider how LUNA can help. For software translation, this may include collecting the proper materials and additional information that would help our team understand your brand and deliver a quality product. At this step, you may also request a quote from LUNA to ensure we are the right fit.
  • Connecting with The Team – Next, LUNA will connect you with the right team members for the job. Depending on the work, this may include a project manager or specialty translator.
  • Confidentiality – As mentioned, we adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines and uphold a code of ethics in every project we undertake. Before embarking on your project, we can establish the specifics of these confidentiality rules and ensure you feel comfortable and secure moving forward. Our team is here to answer any questions you have.
  • Final Product Delivery – The final step is to deliver the finished product! Depending on the scale and complexity of your project, the timeline for final delivery of the technical documentation can vary. Our team can send the finished piece digitally and customize the translation to design specifications.

Languages Offered

Before connecting with a team for software translation, you want to ensure there are translators available to meet your unique needs. LUNA’s international translation team can provide services between English and over 200 world languages. Plus, our team is largely native speakers of the target languages.

We offer languages including:

  • Afghani
  • Bengali
  • Burmese
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Kurdish
  • Spanish
  • And so many more!
  • Project Managers

    Project Managers

    We dedicate a project manager to act as point person from initial contact to final document translation delivery.

  • Best Fit Translator

    Best Fit Translator

    We select a translator to best suit your individual project based on industry and language expertise.

  • Specialized Industry Expertise

    Specialized Industry Expertise

    We seek out translators with industry-specific experience to ensure accurate communication.

  • Strict Confidentiality

    Strict Confidentiality

    We follow established procedures for confidential records and comply with confidentiality agreements.

  • ISO Standards

    ISO Standards

    We are officially certified to ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 ensuring our processes and procedures follow the highest standards in the industry.

  • Quality Guarantee

    Quality Guarantee

    We guarantee accuracy and satisfaction on all document translation projects.

Start Your Translation

Whether you are seeking software translation, interpretation, transcription, or another language service, contact LUNA today. The team at LUNA is committed to fostering a world that celebrates diversity by connecting people and organizations through communication. Our team of native speakers has the language training and industry knowledge to fill your needs, from legal translation to website work. Get started utilizing our services today.


  • How much does it cost to translate software? The cost to translate software depends on the size of the project and the type of translation service being used. Some translators will offer package deals for software translations, while others will charge per word. We can provide a project quote within 24 hours if you want to use LUNA’s services.

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