Translation Services for Families

Translation Services for Families

Translation Services for Families

When you’re helping a family member obtain legal documents in another language, working with a professional translation team like LUNA’s is necessary to be able to receive the certificate of translation. This certificate guarantees and certifies that your translation is translated accurately and by a competent language translator. Our translation documents are accepted by the USCIS, the DMV, other educational institutions and organizations that will receive the translated vital record document.

What Is Translation For Families?

Our translators ensure your family’s translation needs are met promptly and professionally. Whether translating school transcripts, vital records, immigration paperwork, marriage and death or medical documents, LUNA’s professional translator team can provide the translation services you need in a timely manner.

  • Project Managers

    Project Managers

    We dedicate a project manager to act as point person from initial contact to final document translation delivery.

  • Best Fit Translator

    Best Fit Translator

    We select a translator to best suit your individual project based on industry and language expertise.

  • Specialized Industry Expertise

    Specialized Industry Expertise

    We seek out translators with industry-specific experience to ensure accurate communication.

  • Strict Confidentiality

    Strict Confidentiality

    We follow established procedures for confidential records and comply with confidentiality agreements.

  • ISO Standards

    ISO Standards

    We are officially certified to ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 ensuring our processes and procedures follow the highest standards in the industry.

  • Quality Guarantee

    Quality Guarantee

    We guarantee accuracy and satisfaction on all document translation projects.

When Do You Need Translation Services?

If you need document translations, our translators can accurately translate the exact replica of the original document from your home country. LUNA will provide you with a certified and notarized certificate for the translation when requested. You may also request an electronic copy so it is ready for the next time you will be asked for it.

Commonly Translated Documents: Translation Services for Families

We translate nearly any document, but our most common document translation requests include legal documents, immunization records for a child or adult, driver’s licenses, resumes, and education diplomas and transcripts, divorce decrees, marriage certificates, death certificates, adoption decrees, police reports, historical correspondences, and financial documents. 

How To Choose A Translation Service For Families

When you’re looking for translation services for your family, you need to find a professional translation team that cares about you and will provide translated documents as soon as possible.  Time is often critical to receive the translation for a deadline. At LUNA, it’s our job to provide our clients with the best service along with professional translators.

How LUNA Can Help

Our translation services are here to work with you and your family members. We’re here to help with all your document translation needs, and we’re just an email or call away. Check out our list of available languages here.

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