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App Translation Services

Utilizing app translation services as a business is a great way to reach new markets, create an inclusive product, and build brand loyalty. As a company, you want to find qualified translators you can trust to deliver an accurate and timely final product.

While machine translation may seem like the easier option, quality app translation services allow you to create an app that’s entirely accurate and true to the culture and language(s) you require. This professional, human-centered service can help you build a user interface that works for individuals across cultures and languages.

Unlock a Global User Experience Through App Translation

Making apps, websites, and other user interfaces accessible in the digital age is essential. Business and transactions are increasingly conducted online, from websites to online company training programs. Companies must keep pace with the digital era by translating in-app purchase product transactions, app homepages, and more.

With app translation services, you can be part of a future of accessibility by creating a product available to global app users. This allows you to tap into new markets, engage users everywhere, and create a product that is universally enjoyed.

At LUNA, we have experienced translators who can deliver accurately translated app content in over 200 languages. We understand that every business has unique needs, so we’ll work with you to develop a thorough understanding of your app and the intended user experience. From there, our translators will work to deliver a precise translation that is sensitive to the targeted language and cultural context.

The Growing Need for App Translation

If you are still considering if app translation is right for you, understanding the benefits of this service can help. Here are a few reasons app translation should be a key focus of developing your product.

Expand to an international market

Creating a more accessible app can help you grow into international markets. Maybe you have multiple languages in mind to which you want to translate your content, or you want to target some of the most common world languages. Either way, investing in a quality translation service will help you appeal to new consumers and demonstrate that their culture and language are valued.

Maximize your outreach

If you never try to open up your mode of communication, you’ll never know what possibilities you’re missing. With accurate translation services, you can maximize your product outreach and work to grow your business to new heights. Even if some potential customers take more time to come to your app, a quality translation demonstrates your commitment to expansion and inclusion.

Strengthen your brand

If a consumer doesn’t feel like a company is speaking to them, there is no reason for them to trust the brand. By engaging speakers from around the world, you can help improve brand loyalty and awareness and retain customers from new markets.

How Does Our Translation Process Work?

LUNA has language specialists fully equipped to provide app translation services. Our team has decades of experience translating digital content such as websites, corporate training, HR materials, software, and more. Not only do we promise accuracy, but we are also committed to working with you to address your specific needs as a company while working to foster inclusivity.

Here is what you can expect from LUNA when you work with us for app translation:

Identifying your needs

Identify your company’s needs and where you think LUNA can assist you. This step may include gathering internal documents and information you think may be helpful for our translators to know. Then, we can get you started with the right team members, which may include a project manager to keep the process organized. The exact timeline for your project will vary depending on the size of your app, the industry you work in, and special requests you have. So once you are set up with our team, who will manage your translations, we can discuss the exact timeline and expected delivery date.


Our translators understand that some materials are sensitive, and we take pride in upholding a strict code of confidentiality and ethics. Regardless of the project, we will conscientiously comply with these standards for the complete duration of every project. Our translation management system is based upon strict standards of ethics and privacy.

Final product delivery

Once your app translation is ready, LUNA can work with your team to format it to your specifications before the final product delivery. As mentioned, the exact amount of time it takes to complete an app translation is specific to your project size and scale.


Languages Offered

LUNA’s team of professional translators are mainly native speakers who offer over 200 languages for translation. Some of those languages include:

  • Afghani
  • Bengali
  • Burmese
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Hungarian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • And so many more!
  • Project Managers

    Project Managers

    We dedicate a project manager to act as point person from initial contact to final document translation delivery.

  • Best Fit Translator

    Best Fit Translator

    We select a translator to best suit your individual project based on industry and language expertise.

  • Specialized Industry Expertise

    Specialized Industry Expertise

    We seek out translators with industry-specific experience to ensure accurate communication.

  • Strict Confidentiality

    Strict Confidentiality

    We follow established procedures for confidential records and comply with confidentiality agreements.

  • ISO Standards

    ISO Standards

    We are officially certified to ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 ensuring our processes and procedures follow the highest standards in the industry.

  • Quality Guarantee

    Quality Guarantee

    We guarantee accuracy and satisfaction on all document translation projects.

Start Your Translation

If you want to make an app accessible to Internet users worldwide, LUNA can help with app translation services. By making your mobile application more available, you can grow into international markets, strengthen your brand loyalty, and celebrate different forms of communication.

At LUNA, we have decades of experience translating technical materials with precision and confidentiality. Our team of primarily native speakers is here to work with you to translate app materials to your specifications. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get started.


How much does it cost to translate software?

The cost of software translation varies by project. Some translation companies will charge by the word, so depending on the length of the text, they will calculate the cost that way. If you are curious about LUNA’s translation rates, we can provide you with a project quote within 24 hours.

Why are app translation services important?

Translating apps is important because it helps bridge gaps in communication to create more accessibility. Users worldwide can engage with mobile apps and feel more recognized and connected when they see their native language is available.

Don’t just say something. Create understanding.

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