Bilingual Staff Interpreter Training

Bilingual Staff Interpreter Training

Many organizations have bilingual individuals on staff who often informally act as interpreters in the workplace. Our bilingual staff interpreter training aims to equip those employees with the knowledge necessary to provide conscientious, ADA-compliant interpreting services when needed and recognize when a situation requires a professional interpreter.

Course Description

This training is interactive with a mixture of lecture, group discussion, activities, and role-playing. Depending on the specific needs of the clinic, topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Legal and Regulatory Requirements
  • Cultural Competency & Diversity
  • Managing the Interpreting Session
  • Understanding HIPAA, Confidentiality, and Code of Ethics
  • Varying Roles of Interpreters
  • Demonstration of Interpreting Skills

This training is language neutral and is appropriate for all bilingual staff, including Bridging The Gap (BTG) graduates. Bilingual staff interpreter training can be provided on-site or at LUNA’s training facilities. Planning and execution of specific training programs quoted upon request, according to each individual project’s scope.

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