Over the Phone Interpreting

Over the Phone Interpreting Services

Interpreting at your fingertips.

From hotel guest reception to doctor’s office appointment reminders, brief dealings with limited English proficient (LEP) customers or patients don’t always warrant on-site universal language services. But having an interpreter a phone call away can be the next best thing. Ideal for quick interactions (either on-demand or pre-scheduled), our cost-efficient telephone interpreting service is available in over 200 languages worldwide. With no set-up fees or minimum commitments, it’s available any time you need it — for a simple per minute charge.

Telephone interpreting provides assurance that your organization can handle an immediate interpreting need should it arise, making it an essential tool in a rapidly globalizing marketplace.

What We Offer

We provide telephone interpreting and universal language services in over 200 languages to businesses and organizations across the globe. Our extensive team of phone interpreters can easily accommodate on-demand, same day, and pre-scheduled requests. Highly qualified and experienced, most of our interpreters are native speakers with the language expertise and cultural sensitivities essential to ensure clear and proper communication. Our interpreters not only have high levels of language proficiency, but they also conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. So no matter the interpreting project, we can help.

The Benefits Of 24/7 Over the Phone Interpretation Services

While many different benefits can come from 24/7 over the phone interpretation, one of the most notable ones is the convenience provided. Other benefits of our interpretation services include:

Bridging the Gaps in a Professional Manner

Our over the phone interpreters are there to help you bridge communication gaps and overcome language barriers in a professional manner.

A Powerful Business Asset

As growing modern organizations often conduct business worldwide, interpretation and translation services are only continuing to become more crucial. With LUNA, we provide over the phone interpretation services you can rely on.

Over the Phone Interpretation On Demand

With the help of our professional interpreters that are available 24/7, you can expect over the phone interpretation whenever you need it.

  • On Call

    On Call

    We provide telephone interpreting services when you need them — any time, day or night.

  • Prompt & Professional

    Prompt & Professional

    We guarantee prompt, professional, and courteous phone interpreting.

  • Qualified & Experienced

    Qualified & Experienced

    We ensure all telephone interpreters are qualified and have an experience level appropriate for the job.

  • Best Fit Interpreters

    Best Fit Interpreters

    We select an interpreter to best suit your individual needs based upon industry and language expertise.

  • Nuanced Understanding

    Nuanced Understanding

    We provide telephone interpreting services from mostly native speakers who have an understanding of the cultural nuances essential to proper communication.

  • Strict Confidentiality

    Strict Confidentiality

    We adhere to HIPAA rules, comply with confidentiality agreements, and follow established procedures for confidential records.

What To Expect

We recommend registering for telephone interpreting services before the need arises. Initial account set-up is free and requires no ongoing commitment. There is a flat, per minute fee that will be tracked for each call, then tabulated and invoiced monthly.

To schedule a telephone interpreting appointment in advance, please contact us at 317.341.4137 or info@LUNA360.com. When contacting us via email, you will receive an immediate confirmation response. A LUNA Coordinator will then reply directly within 24 hours or less, depending on the urgency of the phone interpreting request.

For immediate interpreting needs, our more fully-registered clients can access our phone interpreters directly by dialing in and providing their unique client billing code.

We Stand Behind Our Work

We schedule hundreds of interpreting appointments each day and adhere to the highest standards of professionalism. All phone interpreters have gone through an extensive training program, have passed proficiency exams, and are experienced in a variety of professional settings.

We highly value our relationships with our clients. The entire LUNA Team stands behind our work each and every day. If ever there is an issue with our phone interpreting services, we are committed to making it right.


As interpreters, we’re often involved in confidential communication, and we take that responsibility seriously—regardless of spoken, signed, or written communication. Our Telephone Interpreting Team is fully compliant with HIPAA rules and follows established procedures for maintaining confidential records and destroying them securely when necessary. Both LUNA Staff and contract interpreters strictly and conscientiously comply with confidentiality agreements for all telephone interpreting assignments.

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