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LUNA’s Online Resource Library is a freely-accessible clearinghouse of information related to language access and language services. Designed for professionals, students, teachers, scholars, policymakers, advocates, and other interested stakeholders, the library contains a wealth of information: educational materials, research tools, visual media, web links, and more. The Online Resource Library is a work in progress, so check back periodically for updates. As the collection evolves, we always welcome suggestions for additional content. You can reach us at

Language Provider Portal

LUNA’s Language Provider Portal provides a variety of educational and professional development materials for interpreters and translators. Browse information and find resources on certification, professional organizations and associations, industry codes of ethics, best practices, and more.

Fact Sheets and Written Resources

LUNA’s collection of fact sheets and written resources offers concise and visually-appealing material summarizing a variety of topics related to language services and language access. Most of these materials can be shared, embedded, downloaded, and printed.


Browse recent posts on LUNA’s blog, More Than Words, where we share insight, ongoings, and new developments with those interested in the interpreting and translating industry, and beyond.

Language Access Advocacy

This section is designed to increase awareness of the barriers faced by persons of limited English proficiency (LEP) living in the United States. From consumer rights to health care and voting, LUNA conducts research on a variety of issues related to language access and policy. Visit our Language Access Advocacy page to browse our topical memos, policy briefs, bibliographies, research papers, and community outreach materials.

eNewsletter Archive

Our monthly newsletter reports on LUNA’s programs, research, success stories, community outreach efforts, and other relevant industry news.

Quality Assurance

From the pre-performance stage to post-project follow up with our clients, LUNA ensures the highest standards of quality in the services it provides. Here, you can access our Code of Ethics, learn about our HIPAA Program, client confidentiality policies, and other language provider and language agency compliance materials.


This collection of videos serve not only as an introduction to LUNA, our staff and the diverse culture here at our company, but also provide information about our services and issues that are important to us in our work and our world. Many of these videos are in American Sign Language and all are captioned.