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Your Translation Team: It’s About the Project… and the Partnership!

LUNA provides a connection between high-quality translation services and project management that aims to make your translation projects the easiest part of your day.

We only use human translation. We believe translation is a collaboration between our clients and our translation team. As part of that process, we learn about one another’s business. LUNA will be your resource for your translation needs and you will be LUNA’s resource regarding your organization’s culture and product, resulting in a localized and colorful message in our choice of words, but in your voice.

When you partner with LUNA for translation services, your LUNA Team can include project managers, translators, proofreaders/editors, and desktop publishing experts.

LUNA’s Project Managers oversee all aspects of the project from the initial communication to the finalized product, as well as addressing any questions or concerns that may arise along the way. This manager is responsible for assigning the appropriate resources to the project and ensuring the translated content is formatted appropriately.

Your translation team also includes an experienced translator and proofreader/editor (or in some cases multiple translators and proofreaders/editors) not only trained in specific languages but also in specific industries. This knowledge base ensures that not only is the content translated accurately but is also culturally and industry appropriate. Certified or sworn translators are available upon request. The availability of certified and sworn translators is dependent upon credentialing bodies available in the US and around the world.