Culture Series

Culture Series

LUNA is delighted to showcase the diverse stories and perspectives of the incredible people that we work with through this Culture Series. We share these stories with the hope of opening a window into the lives of people from numerous backgrounds, to create more of a sense of belonging within our community for those who may or may not share similar experiences. Join us as we learn about what resiliency and personal culture looks like through the lens of our guest!

Episode 6 with Betsy Payne – Learn About Deaf Culture

As a Deaf woman rooted in both the hearing and Deaf world, Betsy Payne shares her experiences using American Sign Language and English throughout her life and relationships. She describes a few bright moments, challenges, and insights into her personal culture. She even shares some details about her relationship with her husband, who is hearing, and how they developed their communication skills together.


Episode 5 with Melqui Perez – Learn About Deaf Culture in the Dominican Republic

Growing up with Deaf parents in the Dominican Republic, Melqui Perez tells us about what it was like growing up in a home where he used Spanish and American Sign Language. He goes on to explain how learning a visual language, like sign language, in addition to a written and spoken language, like Spanish, has helped him to develop other skillsets.


Episode 4 with Marina Hadjioannou Waters – Learn about Greek American Culture

In episode 4, we explore the personal culture of LUNA President Marina Hadjioannou Waters. Marina was born in California, but her family is originally from Greece where she holds dual citizenship. She shares a plethora of Greek cultural traditions that she enjoyed as a second-generation immigrant here, including the warm, social aspect of Greek culture, which led to her sleeping under the piano as a child!


Episode 3 with Yaneli Bastida – Learn about Mexico and DACA

In episode 3, we explore the personal culture of Yaneli Bastida, originally from Venta de Bravo in Mexico and brought to the United States without documentation as a child. Yaneli has been a part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and she shares her insights about the benefits as well as the pitfalls of her experience.


Episode 2 with Andy Rork – Learn about Deaf Culture

Our second feature is Andy Rork, who grew up as a CODA, or a child of a Deaf adult. Andy’s family history contains generations of Deaf family members, many of whom attended the Indiana School for the Deaf, right here in Indianapolis. Growing up in a Deaf household as a hearing person, Andy is able to share some characteristics of Deaf culture that he finds unique.


Episode 1 with Carolina Salter – Learn about Spain and Catalonia

Our first feature is Carolina Salter; exploring her life growing up in Spain and Catalonia and her journey to the United States, where she worked to help put her husband through law school and become a well-respected simultaneous Spanish interpreter for our court systems.

Episodes can be watched on Facebook LIVE Premiere on the first Thursday of every month at 4:30 PM (ET). Afterward, each episode will be posted on this page. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and sign up here to receive a reminder about the event.

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