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Welcome to More Than Words, a place where we at LUNA Language Services share insight, ongoings and new developments with everyone interested in the interpreting industry.

More Than Words represents new approaches to interpreting – as we work with leaders in the industry to bridge the disparities between American Sign Language and Foreign Language interpreting; we recognize at all times the significance culture plays in language; and we invite new ways of delivering services to our clients which focus on new standards of quality and safety. Join us!



What’s Your Story?

contributed by Rebecca Buchan I have a theory about interpreters: interpreting is very personal for us. Many of us throw ourselves, our WHOLE selves, into our work.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the profession, either.  Throughout our journey, we have...

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contributed by Mike Fry I recently had an opportunity to go on a quick trip with my family to Michigan. During our trip, I made an interesting observation . . . it's really good at times to look at things from a different perspective. I think this is important both...

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A Day in the Life of a LUNA Coordinator

contributed by LUNA 2017 Summer Interns, Isaiah Curtis and Sam Goldfarb Having the opportunity to shadow José Herrera and Maria Rangel, two of LUNA’s seasoned language coordinators, was both an enriching and enjoyable experience. Spending time with them really opened...

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contributed by LUNA Summer Intern 2017, Isaiah Curtis World Refugee Day, promoted by the United Nations, honors the strength and bravery of refugees worldwide. In honor of World Refugee Day, Sam and I decided to spread LUNAlove while participating in Exodus Refugee...

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I Was Amazed

contributed by Rebecca Buchan There have been many times in my life people have amazed me. With their generosity. Their humor. Their tenacity. Their resourcefulness. And I try to take stock of these moments. To figure out why I was taken aback. “What is it about this...

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LUNA Language Services Welcomes Michael Fry

We are proud to welcome marketing and sales veteran Michael Fry to the LUNA Language Services team, as Vice President of Business Development. In this role, Michael will be responsible for overseeing all of LUNA's global marketing and sales activities. Specifically,...

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