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Welcome to More Than Words, a place where we at LUNA Language Services share insight, ongoings and new developments with everyone interested in the interpreting industry.

More Than Words represents new approaches to interpreting – as we work with leaders in the industry to bridge the disparities between American Sign Language and Foreign Language interpreting; we recognize at all times the significance culture plays in language; and we invite new ways of delivering services to our clients which focus on new standards of quality and safety. Join us!



The Mad Skills of a Conference Interpreter

contributed by Isaiah Curtis and Sam Goldfarb, LUNA Summer Interns 2017 Conference interpreting is a special subtype of interpreting. It generally occurs at high-stakes formal meetings and negotiations, like multilingual conferences for international organizations,...

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Localization – Part 2

contributed by Isaiah Curtis and Sam Goldfarb, LUNA Summer Interns 2017 Localization addresses all types of issues that may initially be overlooked when having text or content translated. Localization ensures that things like colors, fonts, sizes, and graphics are...

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What’s Your Story?

contributed by Rebecca Buchan I have a theory about interpreters: interpreting is very personal for us. Many of us throw ourselves, our WHOLE selves, into our work.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the profession, either.  Throughout our journey, we have...

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