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Welcome to More Than Words, a place where we at LUNA Language Services share insight, ongoings and new developments with everyone interested in the interpreting industry.

More Than Words represents new approaches to interpreting – as we work with leaders in the industry to bridge the disparities between American Sign Language and Foreign Language interpreting; we recognize at all times the significance culture plays in language; and we invite new ways of delivering services to our clients which focus on new standards of quality and safety. Join us!



Hashtag Hashtag

contributed by the LUNA Translation Team (Una Hartzell-Baird, Anthony Beesley, and Nemin Sakuthay) LUNA's first ever audio blog is below.  Take a listen to learn more about hashtags!

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What If We Embraced Our Differences?

contributed by Stevie Cromer My oldest son, an 8th grader attending public school in Indianapolis, recently began a buddy program with a student with special needs at his school. Let’s call him Q. This is Q’s first year attending a traditional school. He began in the...

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Discovering My Ancestry

contributed by Becca Niethammer Growing up, I was told by my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents where I came from and my family history. I grew up with a vague sense of pride and curiosity about what I inherited from my family who immigrated to the United States...

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