American Sign Language (ASL) and foreign language interpreting and translation client since 2014


Prevail, Inc., a non-for-profit-organization in Hamilton County, Indiana, seeks to educate and engage the community to prevent crime and abuse while helping restore the lives of those who have been affected. In their pursuit of advocating for victims of crime and abuse, Prevail provides support groups, safety planning, assessments, and case management among other free services. Prevail’s support groups often include multiple members from the Deaf, hard of hearing, and limited English proficient (LEP) communities. They’re faced with the challenges of providing effective services for these communities ensuring these children and adults have their voices heard and receive adequate support.

LUNA’s Solution

Providing ASL services across the state of Indiana for over sixteen years, LUNA Language Services is one of the largest contract interpreting agencies the state. LUNA pulled an interpreter from its extensive team of state and nationally certified ASL interpreters to provide interpreting services during support groups and youth programs allowing the Deaf child to fully participate and provide an inclusive environment. Having an interpreter present allowed the children to play an active part in group therapy sessions where they normally wouldn’t have been able to if an interpreter was not present.

“At Prevail, we find that support groups are a great way to help kids in this situation. A particularly impactful experience was being able to provide meaningful services for a Deaf child who had witnessed domestic violence in her home.” – Susan Ferguson, Executive Director


Ferguson said, “LUNA was able to provide a consistent ASL interpreter so that the child could participate in the group. This was a great experience for that child, but what we didn’t anticipate was what a great experience it would be for the facilitator and the other kids in that group. This was an opportunity that helped all the participants appreciate differences and understand a culture to which they may not have been previously exposed. We appreciate LUNA’s participation in this process that resulted in such great outcomes! It has been a pleasure working with LUNA. We have enjoyed working with professional interpreters provided by LUNA to meet the needs of the clients coming to Prevail for services.”