ASL Interpreter FAQs

Q: The job’s location note said there are additional details about this job under Service Details, but I can’t see it. Where is it located?

A: Please scroll down to the bottom of your job assignment to see more details regarding the job. If you still cannot find it, please contact the coordinators to get


Q: The job’s location note said I will have a team, but it didn’t tell me who is my team. How do I find out who my team is?

A: Please refer to Service Details on your job to see who your team is. If it’s not there, please contact the coordinators to get


Q: I’m afraid to accept LUNA On Call job. What kind of job is it? How will I be paid if I accepted this job?

A: LUNA On Call jobs are broken down into 4-hour shifts between 8PM – 4AM during weekdays and 24/7 over weekends. The point of this job is to be on standby ready to be called out for any ASAP or same-day request that may occur in the community during your shift. For each 4 hour shift, you will be paid a stipend of $40 between 12AM-8AM.  If you are called out, you will be paid time-and-half of your rate plus mileage and/or travel, if applicable depending on which client and location. VRI calls are NOT included anymore.

To submit your actuals, if you are not called out – please choose drop-down activity that said “not called out” to claim your stipend. If you are called out, you must choose “called out” activity to close your on call job and then claim your actuals on another job number for which you are called out to.


Q: I forgot to start the timer, what do I do?

Make note of the time of your job ends in the notes section.


Q: When I arrived to my job, I was told it was cancelled, what should I do?

A: Please call or email LUNA to report cancellation immediately. You will still get paid because cancellation is received in under 24 hours notice.


Q: My client didn’t show up, what should I do?

A: Please call or email LUNA to report a no-show immediately. You will still get paid for your two hour minimum.


Q:  I forgot to get a signature when I closed my job, what should I do?

A: If you do forget to start the timer, do note the arrival as well as departure time in the job notes.


Q: I did a VRI job for the State, but I was not paid a 2-hour minimum for my First State Job of the Day. Why is that?

A: The First State Job of the Day 2-hours minimum does not apply to any State VRI jobs. It only applies to the State community interpreting jobs. For any State VRI job that is less than 30 minutes, you will be paid for 30 minutes minimum.


Q: I’m a staff interpreter for an agency, why do you require my home address instead of agency’s address for mileage run report? (State)

A: The State requires that we use the shortest distance from either your agency or from your home address to your job to produce a mileage run report for you to claim. This does not apply to contractor interpreters.


Q: For State job, I claimed i.e. 50 miles, but I was only paid for i.e. 47 miles, which is less than what I claimed. Why is that?

A: According to the State’s contract, we must run a mileage report from only Rand McNally website using the shortest distance setting selected.

If you claimed higher than what you qualified for, you will only be paid maximum number of miles you qualify for. The use of fastest time setting or different map websites are not approved.


Q: On my job’s note, it said I qualify for mileage/travel, but I didn’t get paid. Why is that?

A: You will need to submit an actual for mileage or travel separately from your actual for your interpreting time in order to be paid. If you do not claim it in your actuals, you will not be paid for it.


Q: I just had a job cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice – however, the coordinator is contacting me regarding a different job at the same time. Can I bill for both of these?

A; In most cases, yes – as long as the job is not for the same location/client. If you aren’t sure, you can always ask the coordinating team!


Q: Does this job qualify for time and a half or the $5/hr bonus? How do I claim that?

A: If you accept an ASAP over the weekend or between the hours of 8pm-6am, that job will qualify for time and a half.

If you accept a prescheduled job over the weekend or one that begins between the hours of 8p-6a, that job will qualify for the $5/hr bonus.

You can claim these by adding them in the “add task” screen of the app


Q: My job won’t submit/didn’t submit/isn’t showing up in the app

A:  When this occurs, the first step to attempt to resolve the error is to close the app and reopen it

If that does not work, attempt to refresh when you are connected to a reliable wi-fi network

If those do not resolve your issue, contact the coordinators and they will be able to reach out to our IT support team to find what the issue is


Q: How do I know if I qualify for travel time or mileage (non-state)?

A: The vast majority of assignments within the Indianapolis Metro (the nine county area) area do not qualify for travel time or mileage. Outside of that, generally, if an assignment is more than 40 miles from you or than 1 hour away, you will likely qualify for travel on that job – if you are not sure if a job would qualify for travel/mileage or not, feel free to ask the coordinating team  before you accept the assignment.


Q: Can I be paid for travel for State jobs?

A: As a rule, none of the State assignments qualify for travel. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If your assignment is at least 50 miles, one-way, then you may be considered qualified for travel, but it must be approved by the State. You will need to contact coordinators to request travel to initiate this process.


Q: How do I know which assignment qualifies for mileage and which does not? Travel?

A:  If you are picking jobs off of the Marketplace, assume that there is no travel time or mileage available.  Other than that, the job should have a comment about travel time.


Q: Why am I not paid mileage for the State’s job I did?

A: If you didn’t enter mileage in your actuals when closing your job, you won’t be paid mileage even if you qualified. Please enter mileage that you want to claim when submitting your actual to be paid.