Creating a Culture of Care: Playing to Your Strengths

Creating a Culture of Care: Playing to Your Strengths

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I’ve been working on a massive project related to LUNA’s employee onboarding program for the past few weeks.  It’s exciting!  Informative. Inspiring. And exhausting. There are days where the project feels like it will never end.  Despite being something I’m excited to do and to contribute to LUNA, the project is so big it often feels like I’m not making any progress.

At my core, I’m a doer. I’m a completer/finisher. I like doing the dishes because there is a beginning and an end. I don’t like raking leaves because you can never get EVERY SINGLE LEAF out of the yard and the project never feels complete.

I don’t enjoy the vision and planning stage as much as the actual nuts-and-bolts and checking-things-off-the-list stage. A good brainstorming or planning session is fantastic, but for me, unless there is follow through with the plan, it’s not very impactful.

This mindset can be a struggle to navigate when I have a really massive project like the onboarding one currently sitting on my desk. There is so much to do that even when things are being accomplished, I still feel like I have barely made a dent on the project as a whole.

Even though I’ve been productive and hammering away at something all day, if I don’t feel like at least a portion of it is completed I can feel unsuccessful. So, I’ve learned to sprinkle in some smaller tasks too to allow me to quite literally check things off of my list. A task like cleaning out my email inbox helps me feel successful and productive.

Some people love to brainstorm and throw lots of ideas on the wall.  That is their secret sauce!  The place where they shine. I know my strengths lie elsewhere and playing to those strengths are what help me feel successful and accomplished at the end of the day.

And we need all of these mindsets to be successful, both at work and in our personal lives. One is not better or worse than the other. They are simply different.

We need the planners and the visionaries to help set goals and create plans.  We also need the doers and completer/finishers to help execute and carry out those plans.  And of course collaboration of the entire group along the way to provide diverse perspectives and help build upon ideas perfecting them throughout.

Where do you best identify? Do you like to execute or prefer creating the vision?  And how can you better hone that identity in your current role and relationships?

Playing to your strengths will not only likely create more job satisfaction for you personally but also strengthen your team and organization as a whole. Find your sweet spot!

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 Stevie Cromer is the Cultural and Enrichment Manager for LUNA Language Services. Stevie regularly provides engaging content to LUNA’s team to encourage a culture of care within our own LUNA family. For more suggestions and resources about how you might build a culture of care throughout your organization, please reach out to Stevie at