LUNA Wins 2021 Inclusive Global Citizens Workforce Award

LUNA Wins 2021 Inclusive Global Citizens Workforce Award

The Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association (IFLTA), in collaboration with the Indiana Language Roadmap initiative (ILR), presented the Indiana Global and Multil-IN-gual Awards to highlight outstanding contributions and successful efforts to demonstrate the importance of language skills in our globalized 21st century economy. The awards celebrate stories of success to raise awareness of the economic, political, and societal benefits of language skills and global competencies.

It is our honor to announce that LUNA Language Services has been awarded the IFLTA Inclusive Global Citizens Workforce Award in recognition of LUNA’s outstanding people-powered translation and interpreting language services with real world, nuanced expertise to ensure effective and accurate communication across all industries. 

LUNA’s founder and CEO, Chris Waters, was honored to attend the awards banquet along with his son, Coleman Waters.

“To be recognized by the IFLTA just reinforces the importance of hiring a diverse and global workforce. My son, Coco, attends the International School of Indiana, and I think it is important for him and all young people to see the value of being bilingual and the doors to the world it can open up for you,” said Chris Waters.

IFTLA leadership stated, “As language advocates and educators, we applaud your core belief that language is one of the few frontiers where people still outshine computers. LUNA is powered by thousands of real live people across the globe and in Indiana who speak intelligently in the local vernacular of their native language.”

(Photo of all Indiana Global and Multil-IN-gual Award recipients)

They added, “LUNA’s support of culturally rich organizations and communities exemplifies your belief in diversity as the key to progress. LUNA as a company of diverse, multilingual professional language experts is a great calling card for Indiana as a multilingual, multicultural, welcoming place!”