Language Access Planning Webinars for Nonprofits

Language Access Planning Webinars

Language Access Planning Workshop for Nonprofits

By 2027, it is projected that the immigrant share of the population in the United States will hit 14.8%, it’s highest in U.S. history [Pew Research Center]. Here in Indiana, we have welcomed refugees from more than 160 countries and have over 100 languages used among our residents. In addition, at least 10% of the U.S. population was either born or have become Deaf or hard of hearing.

If your organization serves the public, you’ve likely come into contact with community members who have language barriers—immigrants, refugees, and the Deaf and hard of hearing community. Join us for a two-part series on Language Access Planning and Budgeting for Resources for Nonprofits.


Part 1: Language Access Planning Workshop for Nonprofits

Walk through the process of filling out a language access planning tool for your organization.

In this workshop, LUNA’s President, Marina Hadjioannou Waters, shares how to research the language demographics of your service area, identify opportunities where language barriers may occur, understand the resources you currently have available and need to seek out, and outline how to put language access measures in place and identify roles and responsibilities with this plan.


Part 2: Budgeting for Language Resources for Nonprofits

To create greater access to your services, your organization can develop a language access plan to open up your doors and better serve this large segment of our population. But the funds for this have to come from somewhere, right?

Join us for this presentation as our Director of Translation, Una Hartzell-Baird, and Outreach and Engagement Manager, Tiffany Hanson, share the ins and outs of budgeting for language resources.


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