Is Your Bilingual Staff Overwhelmed with Interpreting Work?

Is Your Bilingual Staff Overwhelmed with Interpreting Work?

Having bilingual staff on your team is a huge step forward in serving Limited English Proficiency (LEP) communities for interpreting or translation needs. 

But as your organization grows and teams get busier, your bilingual employees may become overwhelmed with the amount of interpreting or translation work that is being asked of them on top of their regular workload. Nuanced or unforeseen situations with an LEP client or patient may arise that may not warrant derailing your bilingual staff from their current or regular assignments. For example:

  • Rare languages that aren’t covered internally
  • Unexpected interactions
  • Brief or quick conversations
  • Immediate needs
  • Short-staffed teams

One of the easiest ways to support your internal bilingual team while still providing excellent customer service is by setting up an on-demand phone interpreting service. With LUNA’s phone interpreting, your organization can access an interpreter in over 200 languages 24/7.


Immigrant Welcome Center Testimonial

The Immigrant Welcome Center (IWC) is a nonprofit located in Indianapolis assisting immigrant and refugee populations. Their workforce already consists of bilingual individuals, but they identified rarer language needs not currently found within their team. Supplemental support was ideal in these situations, instead of hiring an additional multilingual staff member. Through LUNA’s phone interpreting services, IWC is able to:

  • Reach rarer languages such as Tigrinya, that’s only spoken by 21,000 people in the United States.
  • Give their bilingual team more flexibility to devote their time to larger projects that best serve their organization.
  • Serve their multilingual community efficiently through reliable and quick language connection, instead of waiting for bilingual staff to become available for brief interactions.

Gurinder Hohl, IWC Director, shared, “Our collaboration with LUNA makes our work more relevant and meaningful for those who need it most.”

We understand how easy it is to feel overwhelmed when language needs pile up or unexpected situations arise. That’s why we partner with hundreds of businesses and organizations every year with quality language services. Our approach to language access relies on our network of real people with nuanced expertise so that you can confidently engage your multilingual audience.

LUNA’s Phone Interpreting Services

Our extensive team of phone interpreters can easily accommodate on-demand, same-day, and pre-scheduled requests. Highly qualified and experienced, most of our interpreters are native speakers with the language expertise and cultural sensitivities essential to ensure clear and proper communication.

With no set-up fees or minimum commitments, it’s available any time you need it – for a simple per minute charge. Phone interpreting provides assurance that your organization can handle an immediate interpreting need should it arise, making it an essential tool in a rapidly globalizing marketplace.

To learn more, visit our webpage on Phone Interpreting Services.

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