Corporate Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

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LUNA Language Services offers video remote interpreting to help corporations communicate with Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals. An off-site American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter teleconferences into the business setting via a webcam, videophone, or other device. We maintain the same high standards for our video remote interpreters as for our on-site interpreters. National certification is a requirement for all American Sign Language interpreters, and specific business interpreting training or experience can be requested to our coordinating staff.

VRI can be a convenient and cost-effective choice in appropriate business settings. Whenever possible, the appointment should be assessed in advance to determine whether a telephone interpreter is an appropriate replacement for an on-site interpreter. A LUNA coordinator or our Director of ASL Services, Rebecca Buchan, can help talk through the decision, but the following information can serve as guidance.

Considerations to Determine When Scheduling VRI

  • Number and roles of participants
  • Visual and acoustic barriers
  • Physical placement of participants
  • Length of time interpreter is needed
  • Role and function of interpreter
  • Privileged information
  • Mobility of video/audio devices

VRI is Ideal in the Following Business Settings

  • Conversations between two people
  • Quick transactions
  • Appointment reminders
  • Clarification questions
  • Surveys
  • Delivery confirmations

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