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Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a video-telecommunication service that provides language access to Deaf or hard of hearing clients. This is accomplished by using an offsite interpreter who teleconferences in to the business environment via a web cam, videophone, or other types of devices that have both video and audio capabilities. VRI is an emerging opportunity for professionals needing to access to an interpreter, especially when waiting for an on-site interpreter is counter-productive or when using a VRI service presents as an appropriate cost-savings option.

For best practices, an appointment at hand must be assessed as to whether or not using a video remote interpreter is an appropriate replacement for an on-site interpreter. A few things to consider before making that decision would be:

  • Number and roles of participants
  • Visual and/or acoustic barriers
  • Physical placement of participants
  • Length of time an interpreter is needed
  • Role and function of the interpreter
  • Privileged information
  • Mobility of video/audio device
  • Cost effectiveness

In accordance with recommendations of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, LUNA Language Services will advocate for on-site interpreters for appointments where the physical presence is required.

To help in the assessment to determine whether or not an on-site or video interpreter would be best suited, we offer the following suggestions:

On-Site Interpreting

  • Mental health settings or issues
  • Highly sensitive communications
  • Multiple participants
  • Situations involving a secondary barrier to communication (i.e. disability)
  • Vision/hearing screenings
  • Physical therapy
  • Labor and delivery

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

  • Scheduling future appointments
  • Appointments with one person
  • Simple instructional environment
  • Routine dental and medical visits
  • Immunizations and blood work

LUNA Language Services maintains the same high standards for our video remote interpreting as we have for our on-site interpreters. National certification is a requirement for all American Sign Language interpreters and specific legal interpreting training is given to all of our spoken language interpreters.

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