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LUNA Language Services offers on-site interpretation in American Sign Language (ASL) and over 90 spoken foreign languages for businesses of all sizes. Our on-site interpreters are not only fluent in English and the language requested but also have experience in business settings. When requested, certified interpreters are available in languages for which certification exists, and our interpreters have received specialized training in business terminology. Our interpreters will also help bridge cultural gaps to ensure clear communication.

Our statewide network of American Sign Language interpreters are highly qualified and hold state and national certifications. Collectively, they possess thousands of hours of interpreting experience in a wide variety of business settings. If you require specialty services to accommodate the needs of Deaf, Deaf-Blind, or Hard of Hearing individuals or groups, we are your complete resource.

Language Services for Specialized Business Needs

  • Meetings
  • Employee Reviews
  • Conferences
  • Transactions
  • Presentations
  • Speeches
  • Talks
  • Training
  • Tours
  • Conventions
  • Trade shows
  • Meet-and-greet events
  • Parties
  • Awards ceremonies
  • Personal interpreters

We are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Top On-Site Language Requests