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Conference Interpreting

As one of the most well-respected conference interpretation providers in the state, we have sent interpreters to a variety of public venues including, but not limited to, the public sector, academia, and conferences. Notably, our interpreters have shared the stage with President Obama, the present and also past Governors of Indiana, and audiences with over 10,000 attendees. We have experienced interpreters who can provide either simultaneous or consecutive interpreting in many languages, including American Sign Language. Depending on the language and content of the event, LUNA will build an interpreting team who possess the relevant knowledge and expertise for the audience at hand. The company’s reputation, experienced staff and wide base of nationally-certified American Sign Language interpreters will provide a professional team for a conference event.

American Sign Language Conference Interpreting

The ASL Staff at LUNA has vast experience in coordinating and interpreting conference events and therefore know that the specific needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing participants may be unknown until the time of the event. Because of this unpredictability, our interpreting team will be armed with specialized skills to facilitate communication for participants whose specific language needs may need to be addressed last minute. In addition to American Sign Language interpreting, LUNA can provide the following specialized services:

  • Certified Deaf Interpreters
  • Teaming of Certified Deaf Interpreters with hearing ASL interpreter
  • Tactile interpreting for Deaf-blind participants
  • Certified transliterators for Deaf participants who prefer a manual form of English
  • Oral interpreting for latent Deaf or English-based participants

Other related skills and services we can help coordinate if required:

  • Hard of Hearing communication access
  • Real-time captioning or CART services
  • Assistive Listening Technology
  • Adaptive services for Deaf-Blind participants

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