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Features & Services

American Sign Language Agencies - LunaProviding ASL services across the state for over ten years, LUNA Language Services is one of the largest contract interpreting agencies for this language group in the state. On staff we are proud to have our Director of American Sign Language Services and Education, Ms. Rebecca Buchan, MA, CI, CT, IIC, a leader in the field with almost two decades of commitment to improving the quality of ASL interpreting in the state of Indiana and across the nation. With close to twenty years of experience interpreting, training, teaching and mentoring, we believe we are uniquely positioned to offer some of the best ASL interpreting services as possible.

One of the benefits of working with an agency with an extensive team of state and nationally certified interpreters is that consumers with unique requirements will be understood and met. Included in our ASL interpreting services are:

  • Working with Certified Deaf Interpreters (CDIs)
  • Providing tactile interpreting services
  • Using certified interpreters who are trained in not only, but manual forms of English
  • Oral interpreting
  • Real-time captioning and CART services
  • Video Remote Interpreting

ASL Video TranslationThe coordinating and interpreting staff and contract team at LUNA Language Services all have direct experience with, and training on, Deaf culture and ongoing interaction with members of the Deaf and hard of hearing communities. With strong connections to community-based agencies that also serve Deaf and hard of hearing populations such as Deaf Community Services, Indiana Chapter of Interpreters for the Deaf and the Indiana Association of the Deaf, our company receives regular input and collaboration on public events, outsourced accommodation adaptive needs and training of interpreting staff. Being directly networked with these organizations, as well as others located in the corners of the state, helps us to guarantee the quality of interpreters and our success at meeting your needs.

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Our interpreting pool is almost completely made up of state and nationally certified interpreters. The range of their professional experience ranges from one to fifty years. We are confident and proud of our ASL interpreters and the skills they bring to the job.


We know that our interpreters are the face of LUNA. We don’t want to be just a voice on the phone to our interpreters. Relationships are our goal. We welcome our interpreters to stop by the office to visit, enjoy a cup of joe and use our work space.


LUNA Language Services is proud to play an active role in the Deaf and interpreting communities in the state of Indiana and beyond. We welcome feedback from our clients and our consumers for the betterment of our services.