Effective and caring communication is a necessary foundation for the success for any nonprofit organization. Funders, community leaders, and other stakeholders take notice when you use language resources to offer access to information, events, and services to the non-English speakers in your community. Moreover, people from different cultures have the power to bring new energy and ideas to your organization.

As a service-based organization with strong ties to local, national, and international nonprofit organizations, LUNA helps to bridge the communication gap with language services in American Sign Language (ASL) and over 200 spoken languages, including rare languages (languages of lesser diffusion). We assure qualified language providers to help you connect with the community you serve. In addition to providing interpreting, translation, and cultural training, we’re experienced at collaborating on grants to extend projects into the community to Deaf, hard of hearing, and the limited English proficient (LEP) population. In line with our commitment to working with and supporting nonprofits, we offer special discount rates to qualifying not-for-profit and charitable organizations.


  • On-site Interpreting: Ensure that larger meetings, community forums, and education and outreach events are accessible to all community members
  • Phone Interpreting: Use for quick interactions to facilitate assessment conversations and discussions containing sensitive information
  • On-site ASL Interpreting: Manage ongoing communication and engage new Deaf or hard of hearing constituents
  • Video Remote Interpreting (VRI): Use for brief discussions with your Deaf or Hard of Hearing constituents such as question answering and appointment scheduling
  • Document and Website Translation: Expand the exposure of your outreach by translating your written materials into common languages found in your area (via website, outreach and education materials, social media posts, and surveys)
  • Training for Bilingual Staff: An introduction to industry best-practices for your multilingual staff to act as informal interpreters when appropriate
  • Cultural Training: Create a more welcoming and inclusive workplace
  • Available Around the Clock

    Available Around the Clock

    We have always prioritized being available to clients whenever we’re needed because many of the populations we serve require service 24/7. We’re available for pre-scheduled and urgent requests 365 days (and nights) a year.

  • Qualified Language Providers

    Qualified Language Providers

    Our international pool of translators and interpreters carries a wide range of professional and academic experience—ranging from medical to legal to non-profit administration. We take special care to pair language talent with knowledge specific to the industry of the project.

  • Excellent Under Pressure

    Excellent Under Pressure

    We pride ourselves on being flexible, responsive, and available to meet your unanticipated needs. No matter the request, we strive to meet the project’s demands.

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