Interpretation and Translation Services for Government Agencies

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LUNA Language Services has an established history as a language solution provider for city, county, state and federal government agencies. Our interpreters adhere to national standards for interpreting for those with limited English proficiency and for clients that are Hard of Hearing or Deaf. LUNA educates our clients and promotes the development and use of a language access plan for their departments and agencies through seminars that can be customized to your needs.

The spectrum of language services that LUNA provides for government bodies is wide. Daily, we send interpreters to city, county and state courts. We have provided services for police departments throughout the state of Indiana. LUNA coordinates with social workers and case workers from the Department of Child Services, matching the professional, personal and specialized communication skills of American Sign Language and spoken foreign language interpreters for appointments in a family or home setting. Our services are regularly called upon by the ODAR (Office of Disability Adjudication and Review) where we provide medical and legal interpretation in over 200 foreign languages and American Sign Language. Notably, we act as the Coordinating Unit for the state of Indiana for all American Sign Language needs.

LUNA provides training and professional development opportunities for government agencies. Specialized training is available for bilingual staff who act as interpreters on the job, for service providers on best practices when using interpreters and cultural training for all levels of government workers.

In all these endeavors, LUNA aims to increase the availability of qualified interpreters to our citizens and promote equal access to government services for all individuals, irrespective of language group or disability.

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