Educational interpreting client since 2006


IPS is the largest school district in the state of Indiana and requires some 500 interpretation appointments a year, including American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken foreign languages. IPS has a need for experienced, certified interpreters who serve as members of the academic team and provide consistent, high-quality service over the long term. Appointments must be coordinated with care, as they typically involve a combination of students, family members, and staff.

Based on these needs, IPS selected LUNA Language Services as its primary provider of interpreting services.

LUNA’s Solution

Because of our high level of expertise in the coordination and provision of interpreting services, we were able to offer IPS a complete customized solution in a short period of time. Notably, we serve a wide range of special needs and unique requests for the district’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing students and family members. We fill appointments for student evaluations, testing, planning, and coursework coordination. We also fill long-term appointments requiring team or individual interpreting, sometimes for specialized topics and often for a semester-long classroom course. For every appointment, we work closely with the IPS requestor to find the right match between consumer and interpreter.


We have had a 100 percent success rate in fulfilling requests by IPS for short- and long-term interpreting assignments across all language requests. We have also recruited for IPS full-time nationally and state-certified ASL interpreters who have passed the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA).