Many LUNA staff and contract ASL interpreters have been enjoying the comradery and information sharing at Indianapolis Brews and Views.  Watch this video or read the transcript below to find out more about this group.  Then, join their Facebook page to discover upcoming meeting times. 

Hey all! Thanks for checking us out!
Indianapolis Brews and Views is an informal gathering to bring together sign language interpreting practitioners, students, and Deaf and hard of hearing consumers to share ideas and challenge the status quo of interpreting in Indianapolis. All while enjoying a few brews!

The goal is to create a space for interpreters of all skill levels to interact with their local Deaf community in a manner that is social, fun, organic, safe, and informal. Feel free to come out just to socialize, or bring your questions, ideas, and concerns.

It is an opportunity to ask fellow practitioners, as well as Deaf and hard of hearing consumers, their perspective on ethical situations, to talk about vocabulary choices and sign variations, to use ASL in a social setting, to meet your local community, and to foster a stronger relationship between the interpreting and Deaf and hard of hearing communities.