Indiana Donor Network (IDN), one of 58 designated organ recovery organizations in the U.S., is a vital link between people waiting for life-saving organ transplants and donors. Working closely with Indiana hospitals, donor families, and the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), they are a team of skilled, experienced professionals responsible for overseeing and coordinating organ donation across Indiana. This nonprofit organization with approximately 150 employees is also committed to educating Hoosiers about the importance of organ and tissue donation.

April is National Donate Life Month (NDLM). This observance, initiated by Donate Life America, takes place nationwide and raises awareness for individuals who are directly affected by organ and tissue donation ranging from donors, recipients, and those that have loved ones who have been affected. The primary purpose of NDLM is to observe the gift of life that these individuals have given or received. It carries significant weight within organizations such as Indiana Donor Network and others across the country.


Indiana Donor Network is participating in National Donate Life Month by raising awareness about the importance of organ and tissue donation through informational sessions in communities throughout Indiana. These sessions include information on the benefits, donation processes, and reasons why individuals should become a donor.

Recent statistics have shown that people of color (non-white) and ethnic minorities do not have adequate representation on donor registries. This lack of representation is in part due to limited English proficiency and subsequently leads to a more difficult time accessing donor programs and information. The Indiana Donor Network leadership reviewed this data, saw this as an area to make a difference, and decided to focus on making their resources available in these communities.

LUNA’s Solution

Seeing this need for adequate and meaningful language access in Indiana’s multicultural communities, Indiana Donor Network focused their efforts on reaching limited English proficient communities starting with Spanish and Burmese speakers.

To do so, Indiana Donor Network established a Multicultural Community Relations department as a bridge to these Indiana communities to educate them about donation and transplantation. Understanding the importance of conveying their information in the primary languages of these communities, Indiana Donor Network partnered with LUNA for translation services. LUNA provides a connection between high-quality translation services and project management that makes the translation process easy. Partnering with LUNA assured the valuable information would reach a larger audience and guarantee language access to Indiana communities.


Having Indiana Donor Network’s promotional materials translated into multiple languages makes the conversation on donation and transplantation more accessible to LEP communities. “Oftentimes, regardless of the focus of the organization and as a nonprofit wanting to go out into these communities, we have to focus on meeting people’s needs where they are and making our organ donation and transplantation message accessible,” said Ebony Chappel, Indiana Donor Network’s Multicultural Community Relations Coordinator. She continued, “I am so excited about educating communities of color about the miraculous gift of organ donation and transplantation. My goal is to make the message around donation accessible to everyone.”

To learn more about Indiana Donor Network, visit or find them on social media using the following handles: Facebook – @IndianaDonorNetwork, Twitter – @INDonorNetwork, and Instagram – @IndianaDonorNetwork.