Inclusive Communication Strategies for a Multilingual Workforce

Inclusive Communication Strategies for a Multilingual Workforce

If unchecked, implicit bias can be found in all corners of our companies both in small and large ways. In our last partnered event with Purple Ink, we had the chance to hear how Morales Group and LUNA Language Services built their companies with some of the most diverse talent pools in the region. Here were a few takeaways from the conversation:

“If someone is only bringing part of themselves to work they are only giving part of themselves to their job. A whole employee is set up to thrive!”  – Marina Hadjioannou Waters, President of LUNA Language Services

“Diversity is being invited to the dance… inclusion is actually dancing ”  – Seth Morales, President and COO of Morales

“What does your interview team look like? Do they represent the [diverse] group you are trying to hire?”  – Erin Brothers, Director of Recruiting at Purple Ink

If your company is working with talent from more than one native language background download our Inclusive Communication Strategies for a Multilingual Workforce. This resource gives suggestions on where to think about language access in your process and improve your Diversity and Inclusion practice!


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