How to Say “Wishing You Prosperity” in Many Languages

How to Say “Wishing You Prosperity” in Many Languages

LUNA celebrates you, our partnership, and the opportunity to achieve language access together.

To continue to support our community during this holiday season, LUNA has made a donation to support the outstanding efforts of Exodus Refugee Immigration. Our partners at Exodus work directly with refugees who are resettling in Indiana to support those families to thrive in their new lives here. If you are interested in learning more about supporting their efforts, we suggest visiting their “Get Involved” page.

As we continue to support our new neighbors throughout the state, we wish everyone prosperity in 2022!

Our LUNA family has come together to share some language and cultural facts, as well as instructional videos to teach you how to say “Wishing you prosperity” in Spanish, ASL, Falam Chin, Burmese, Karen, Mizo, Tagalog, and French.

“Wishing You Prosperity” in Spanish


“Wishing You Prosperity” in ASL


“Wishing You Prosperity” in Falam Chin


“Wishing You Prosperity” in Burmese


“Wishing You Prosperity” in Karen


“Wishing You Prosperity” in Mizo


“Wishing You Prosperity” in Tagalog


“Wishing You Prosperity” in French


“Wishing You Prosperity” BLOOPERS


Watch all the languages on our Youtube Playlist!