There is something about the holidays that amplifies everything. Because there is so much “joy” everywhere, singing to us at every corner and flashing, blinking lights projected on houses, the places that aren’t blinking or singing can fall flat. So, we ask – how are you? Are you joyful? We know that some of us have family members and friends who are not here, and by not here, we mean very far away. Some of us might live alone, or feel alone. Some of us might have lost someone who we feel we need here to have the holidays feel complete. Going into the holidays with some of that on your mind can be hard and “Happy Holidays” in this respect can be a challenge.

On the flip side, there are some of us who are rightfully filled with that magical feeling of fulfillment and the seasonal joy comes easily. There are new babies among us, sisters reunited, new homes, children arriving back from school, and the blessings of the family and friends in our lives – old and new. Some of us are feeling grateful for our health or for the traditions that we enjoy in the coming days. There is something about the holidays that actually isn’t any different than other times, and that is that we can probably find something that feels like joy or magic if we look carefully.

Take this moment to notice the things that bring you joy, even if you have not had to be away from it for any length of time. Experience that joy while it is there.

During the holidays, there is a spirit of generosity usually exchanged at coffee shops and across counters in stores. There are people bringing mittens places and looking for families to support or to feed. In the craze of last minute shopping, there is a buzz that can lift us up. No matter which side of joy you fall on right now, we urge you to keep your eyes open, and look for the things that bring you joy. It might be something unexpected – an email or text message from a friend, the words or beat of a song, a stranger who just made your day, or even a memory that crosses your mind. That’s the thing about joy – when you find it and make it your own, it sticks with you, and then when you least expect it, it rises up.

This week, we wish your hearts to be full with a peace of mind that you can expect the joy you see and hear all around during the holidays to sink in and either amplify your gratitude for everything and everyone in your life, or to remind you to keep your eyes wide open so even when you least expect it, joy can find you.

Happy Holidays from all of us at LUNA Language Services!