For Teachers and Education Administrators: Virtual Education Interpreting Support for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

LUNA Language Services is proud to announce that we have created a service line specifically to support the education of Deaf and hard of hearing students at home through our virtual service capabilities. LUNA provides virtual interpreting services in American Sign Language (ASL), Pidgin Signed English (PSE), and Signed Exact English (SEE).

Virtual Classroom ASL/PSE/SEE Interpreter

LUNA provides interpreting services for your live or recorded virtual classroom sessions utilizing LUNA’s educational interpreters remotely.

  • Providing support with an interpreter can also be extremely helpful for individual sessions that a teacher arranges with a student to walk through materials that are provided to the student in English.
  • This ensures that the student can ask questions to the teacher in their preferred language and that the student fully comprehends materials that are written in English and not in their preferred language.

Virtual Tutoring in ASL/PSE/SEE

LUNA provides tutoring services with an educational interpreter who has subject matter experience with the topic of your choice.

  • Tutoring may be beneficial for students who may be struggling with one or more of their classes. Extra support can be helpful if they do not have resources like an instructor supported by an interpreter that has extra time with them.
  • Email for inquiries about this service.

ASL Language Mentoring with Certified Deaf Interpreters

LUNA provides ASL language mentoring services with a certified Deaf interpreter (CDI) to assist the student in better learning ASL acquisition.

  • Language mentoring may be beneficial for students who may not have regular access to or enough time with a language instructor and are not naturally learning ASL at home.
  • Email for inquiries about this service.

Technology Requirement: Schools can utilize their own virtual teaching platforms if they already have those in place OR LUNA can set up a virtual meeting for the teacher and the student and/or parents to facilitate communication. Here are Zoom’s online instructions for establishing one user as a language interpreter during a session or meeting.

Pricing: LUNA will charge our normal interpreting rates of $55 an hour. Rather than our standard two hour minimum for appointments, we will require a one hour minimum, charging in 15 minute increments after the minimum is reached per our normal policy.

How to Request Virtual Education Interpreting Support

  • Email
  • Request either a virtual classroom interpreter, a virtual tutor, or a mentoring session with a Certified Deaf Interpreter.
    – Please specify which service you’ll need and the subject the interpreter will either be interpreting or providing tutoring for. For example Algebra, Biology, 9th Grade English, etc.
    – Please specify if you need an ASL, PSE, or SEE interpreter/language mentor.
  • Provide the name of the student.
  • Provide the dates, times, and duration of the sessions you’d like to schedule.
  • Provide the information for the virtual classroom of your choice:
    – Provide LUNA with the link and any login information for the interpreter to access the session through your chosen platform.
    – OR request that LUNA set up a virtual meeting through our Zoom platform for you to share with the student and parent and for LUNA to coordinate with our interpreter.
  • Provide any helpful prep materials for the interpreter.
    – This is likely access to the materials the student is studying.
  • Provide contact information for the parties involved in the session you are scheduling.
    – The email address for the teacher who will be facilitating a session where a virtual classroom interpreter will be providing services.
    – OR the email address for the student or parent who will be hosting the tutoring session.
  • LUNA recommends that a minimum internet speed of 1 MBPS (megabytes per second) is provided to ensure that effective visibility is provided for comprehension of ASL. Check your internet speed here.


If you are a parent, see our family resources page here.

For more information about our ASL services, please visit our ASL services page.