EIPA Test Site for the State of Indiana

EIPA Test Site for the State of Indiana

LUNA Language Services is thrilled to be an official test site for the Education Interpreter Performance Assessment test (EIPA).

The EIPA is an ASL certification for interpreters working in the K-12 public schools. Created in 1991 by the Boys Town National Research Hospital in Nebraska, the exam has helped raise the standards for working with a Deaf and hard of hearing student by providing the following:

  • Accurate and timely assessment of educational interpreters
  • Assessment of content knowledge needed to work in an educational setting
  • Information for school administrators, educators, and parents regarding the role and function of educational interpreters and the need for competent services
  • Guidance to Departments of Education at both the federal and state levels regarding issues of educating Deaf and hard of hearing students in inclusive settings
    (From www.classroominterpreting.org/EIPA/index.asp)

We are the only test site within the state of Indiana and offer both the Written and Performance exams. We will consistently announce and update open test dates on both social media and on our site.

For more information on the EIPA visit classroominterpreting.org, for specific information on LUNA’s testing site email rebecca@LUNA360.com.