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LUNA is committed to increasing the quality and quantity of trained interpreters in the region. We actively look for opportunities to hone interpreting skills in formal and informal gatherings where the challenges of interpreting are discussed and answers to tough questions are found. Training opportunities focus on medical, legal, corporate and community settings. Our team of interpreters are at the heart of this important endeavor.

Naw Phaw


Naw Phaw, Director of Language Services, is realizing her professional dream to train bilingual professionals by her mentoring and interpreter training classes. Naw introduces the career of interpreting to others through the teaching of basic skills and the role of the interpreter. Naw speaks regularly in the community and with clients on Burmese culture, the interpreter as a cultural broker, and best practices when using interpreters. In-house, Naw hones interpreter’s skills by offering constructive feedback and suggestions, and she importantly helps navigate interpreters’ awareness of cultural sensitivities. Besides managing the language proficiency testing of our foreign language interpreters, Naw has also taught classes in phone interpreting and has facilitated our court-legal interpreting groups.

Rebecca Buchan


Rebecca Buchan, Director of American Sign Language Services and Education, is the consummate teacher, renowned as an ASL educator in Indiana. She has spearheaded a face-to-face unique mentoring program for ASL interpreters, Pathway to Certification. In mentoring new interpreters, she oversees LUNA’s partnerships with interpreting training programs. She hosts quarterly Ethics Parties at the LUNA office and monthly Terps Talks discussing rotating topics in interpreting. Rebecca also teaches various specialized topics in interpreting, including mental health interpreting, ethics, vicarious trauma, and the cross-over between personality and interpreting. Rebecca’s passion is in mentoring, as she takes time with each ASL interpreter to ascertain where they need encouragement and provides the support allowing each one to grow in their profession.

Marina Hadjioannou Waters


Marina Hadjioannou Waters, Chief Operating Officer, began her career working at the University of Arizona and has dedicated her career to continual learning and educating. With her background in law and public health, Marina provides training to interpreters and community members about the right to equal access to services irrespective of language or culture. With interpreters, she gives training on ethics, client privacy (including HIPAA and related laws and regulations) and client specific procedures. Out in the community, Marina participates in training encouraging best practices when using interpreters and the duty to provide language access. Marina teaches that language and culture are inherent rights which deserve protection and promotion throughout all sectors of our community. She is excited to be able to link her academic law and public health graduate studies to course work that promotes language access.

Julie Chang


Julie Chang is trained and certified to teach Bridging the Gap (BTG), a nationally-recognized training course for medical interpreters. Julie has been a Mandarin and Taiwanese interpreter and translator since 1987, and has been highly regarded for her interpreting efforts by the Governor of Indiana and the Governor of Zhe Jian province, a sister-state in China with Indiana. She has also taught English at IUPUI as a Second Language to international students. She received her Master’s Degree in English at Tamkang University in Taiwan. The BTG classes of interpreters have a fond spot in their hearts for Julie after 40 hours of training – even though she is a no-nonsense teacher!

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