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Linda Haskell


Linda Haskell brings her international experience to LUNA as Director of Client Services. She was Director of Strategic Business Development for HITACHI, reporting into Japan, before she moved to Chiapas, Mexico to live as an expatriate. After seven years working with organizations serving indigenous families, she moved to Indianapolis in 2011, and began to work with LUNA. In her current position, Linda supports clients through the language solution process and oversees our business development efforts. She also spearheads “Project 100%” with the goal of meeting the necessary interpreter compliance requirements recommended by The Joint Commission, the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC), and the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).

Linda also has an Indiana health insurance license and provides international health and travel policies through InsureHoy. As a graduate from the University of California with a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology with an emphasis on culture, Linda comments, “LUNA brings home the quote of Pablo Casals, ‘The love of one’s country is a splendid thing. But why should we stop at the borders?’ I am loving and living this quote daily with our interpreters from over 100 countries!”

Jaime Mendez


Jaime Mendez lived with his family in Santa Marta, Colombia until immigrating to the United States when he was fourteen years old through a political asylum program. Like so many immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries, Jaime has worked as a Spanish interpreter since he was young. He has held various roles with LUNA over the last few years. He helped meet our 24/7 commitment by first working as the night and weekend Language Coordinator. He also began interpreting in medical facilities after completing the medical training program, Bridging The Gap. Soon Jaime joined us in the office as a full-time Language Coordinator until the position once again evolved to his current position of Finance Specialist. Jaime is appreciated for his attention to detail and dedication to get payroll out on time to our dedicated interpreting team. Jaime is also a Court Certified Spanish Interpreter and provides legal interpreting in the hours he isn’t at the LUNA office.

Jaime is currently studying finance at IUPUI. Jaime says, “My job actually allows me to learn some new things about myself since I talk to so many different people from different cultures!”

Victor Castillo


Victor Castillo is a Language Coordinator who learned his position with LUNA from “outside-in” as an excellent Spanish Interpreter before transitioning to our in-house staff. Victor has taken on a leadership role with the coordination of our ASL requests, networking with the ASL interpreting team across the state of Indiana.

Victor, with his family, immigrated to the US when he was only four years old. He is quick to say that his most warm memories of childhood came from the very small but quaint town, San Luis Potosi, in Salinas de Hidalgo, Mexico, where he was born.

Victor is presently enrolled in a Bachelor’s Degree Program in Health Services Management at IUPUI. He plans to also obtain a RN degree, and combine the two disciplines in Nurse Management. “Working at LUNA as an Hispanic with strong cultural ties, I have come to recognize that the Hard of Hearing and Deaf communities have equally strong cultural attributes. It has made me look at all language groups more inclusively as a result.”

Mandy Alexander


Interpreting professionally since 2007, Mandy Alexander joined LUNA in 2014 as full-time Senior Community Staff Interpreter. She also has responsibilities developing in-house policies and procedures for the efficient execution of the state ASL contract.

Mandy holds her national certification (NIC: Master) and has extensive interpreting experience in secondary and post-secondary settings, VRS, VRI, conferences, medical and travel interpreting. She has worked on cruise ships to Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean. She is also slated to complete her Indiana Supreme Court Interpreter Qualification by August 2015.

Mandy’s Polish background adds to LUNA’s cultural diversity. In addition to her ASL-English Interpretation degree from Columbia College, she also holds degrees in French and Psychology from Purdue University. Mandy said, “What I love about my profession is the opportunity to bridge the communication gap during important moments of a consumer’s life. As an interpreter, it is a privilege to be there for the best and worst times and provide communication accessibility for everyone.”

Natalie Pomeroy


Natalie Pomeroy first joined the company as LUNA Language Services first American Sign Language Fellow in 2014. Once the fellowship ended, Natalie was asked to join LUNA as an ASL staff interpreter to utilize her IIC certification. She later accepted a newly created role as ASL State Coordinator and Staff Interpreter to help LUNA coordinate and manage the ASL State contract.

Natalie grew up in Chesterton, Indiana, a small town in the northern part of the state. She came to Indianapolis after taking an ASL class at Purdue North Central where her passion developed for the Deaf culture and language. She graduated with an Associate’s degree in American Sign Language from Vincennes University in 2012. She continued to earn a Bachelor of Science in ASL/English interpreting at IUPUI.

Natalie identifies her family roots as German and Polish adding to the mix of cultures already present at LUNA. She states, “I’m so grateful to have this opportunity at LUNA to learn from amazing seasoned interpreters. Plus, I have the added opportunity to be introduced to unique new nationalities along with their food!”

Stevie Cromer


As LUNA’s Communications Manager, Stevie Cromer creates and facilitates strategic marketing plans to help maintain and increase LUNA’s brand awareness across the state of Indiana. Using traditional marketing and public relations tactics, as well as web and social media strategies, Stevie works diligently to communicate the message of language access for all, which is truly at the heart of everything we do at LUNA. Stevie also focuses her time on internal communications between both the full-time staff and our hundreds of contract interpreters. She believes maintaining consistent and effective communication both internally and externally helps create an environment for satisfied clients and employees.

Stevie received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Drake University in Journalism and Mass Communications. She previously worked as an account executive for several Indianapolis advertising agencies, including Blaising, Inc. and Communico.

Jose´ Herrera


Jose´ Herrera began his professional career with LUNA as one of our valued Spanish contract interpreters. He now holds the full-time position of Language Coordinator. While his parents established themselves in the US, Jose´ was raised by his grandparents in Tala, a town in Jalisco, Mexico. Jose´ officially entered the US as a fifteen year old on July 4th, 2001. He first found himself in the interpreter role as a teenager visiting the doctor’s office with his mother, and as a result, specializes in medical interpreting. Jose´ is also working to complete his Indiana Supreme Court Interpreter Qualification.

Jose´ said, “I am at the point in my life that I am searching out a career. The path I am on with LUNA, is one that I will stay on. To be an aid for people who have limited English – to be their voice in doctor’s offices or eventually in the court system – is a privilege that I don’t take for granted.”

Sui Siang


Sui Siang began interpreting in 2007 and is fluent in Burmese, Falam, Hakha and Mizo. She was born in Falam Town, in the Chin State of Burma and entered the US in November, 2003 after being a refugee in New Delhi, India for four years. Her parents and two sisters still reside in Burma while her brother immigrated to Canada.

Sui has had many important roles at LUNA beginning as an interpreter in medical offices where she uses her Bridging the Gap training to support patients and medical staff. She also became an important member of LUNA’s court interpreting team and then a night and weekend coordinator. She currently serves full-time as On-Call Coordinator and Staff Interpreter.

Sui knows firsthand how challenging it is to be in a place where you are unable to communicate effectively. She says, “It is a privilege to be the person providing information which helps people put together the puzzle pieces of their lives and assist their families’ transitioning to a new country. Working with LUNA is a dream come true for me.” Sui’s greatest personal achievement is being a mother to her school-aged daughter, Rachel.

Jewela Alapag, Language Coordinator

Anthony Beesley, Translation Project Manager

Jordan Berggoetz, ASL Coordinator

Naomi Casale, ASL Staff Interpreter

Isaiah Curtis, Language Access Fellow

Josh Gainey, Client Engagement Manager

Ricardo Gomez, Finance Specialist

Julio Gonzalez, Legal Spanish Staff Interpreter

Yaneli Gonzalez, Language Coordinator

Laurie Hunter, ASL Coordinator

Spenser Johnson, ASL Staff Interpreter

Ruth Kil, Language Coordinator

Sarah McWhorter, ASL Staff Interpreter

Becca Niethammer, ASL Coordinator & Staff Interpreter

Maria Rangel, Language Coordinator

Megan Roberts, ASL Staff Interpreter

Andy Rork, ASL Staff Interpreter

Nemin Sakuthay, Staff Translator and Interpreter

Carolina Salter, Legal Spanish Staff Interpreter

Andrew Thang, Language Coordinator

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