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Chris Waters


Chris Waters is the Founder and CEO of LUNA Language Services. Born and raised in Indiana, Chris obtained a business and finance degree at Oklahoma Baptist University and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic. Chris learned Spanish with the community farmers whom he worked with and also on the basketball court where he was a fan favorite. It was there that Chris started interpreting at medical clinics.

Chris considers Latin America his second home because of the deep relationships he established while investing his time and efforts in the region. His interest in cultures and people beyond the borders of the United States has shadowed him during his lifetime.

Upon his return to Indiana, Chris began interpreting at Methodist Hospital. Experiencing the influx of immigrants entering Indianapolis at the time, he launched Indianapolis Interpreters in 2001. Chris built a team around him of amazing people – interpreters who were committed to their communities and to improving the field of language services. The company rebranded in 2014 as LUNA Language Services to better reflect the geographic range and full scope of services it offered.

Chris is always available to clients and interpreters to discuss language solutions and any challenges to be met. He oversees and manages LUNA’s growth and continues to be committed to providing employment opportunities and language access to the immigrant and Deaf and Hard of Hearing populations in the region. Chris’ management style is both as a visionary and a consensus-builder. Anyone who has met Chris understands that his approach is as personal as it is professional. His commitment to his company matches his dedication to his family, his friends and his desire to be a responsible citizen in the world.

Marina Hadjioannou Waters


Marina Hadjioannou Waters, LUNA’s President, has dedicated 20 years of her career and academic interests advocating for the civil, political and cultural rights of communities facing discrimination. After participating in research for disability determinations as a young psychology graduate, Marina pursued her Master’s Degree in Public Health focusing on Community Health Practice. As a law student, she worked for the State of Arizona, Office of Civil Rights and received a one-year fellowship to advance policy around the Americans with Disabilities Act.

A staff attorney at the University of Arizona, Marina represented indigenous communities as part of a team that brought legal claims against governments in foreign courts and to international human rights institutions. Without a doubt, her international work and interest in the field of disability culminated in her work for LUNA Language Services.

In her role as President, Marina oversees the growth of the company by managing contracts and establishing outreach programs with community partners. She provides Title VI consulting to clients and the community, as well as speaks publicly on the important topics of nondiscrimination, multiculturalism, and corporate social responsibility.

Marina proudly serves on the Board of Directors for Exodus Refugee & Immigration (Chair of Governance), Community Health Network Foundation (Chair of Allocations), and is a former Vice President of the National Council of Interpreting in Health Care. Marina works across the region as the American Red Cross Lead Volunteer for International Programs. She also serves on Language Access Task Forces for the City of Indianapolis and the Supreme Court of Indiana. Marina was recognized in 2017 as a Women of Influence by the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Michael Fry


As Vice President of Business Development, Michael Fry is responsible for all of LUNA’s marketing and sales activities. Specifically, he oversees all marketing communications, both internal and external. He is also charged with overseeing our ever-expanding client base… locally, nationally, and globally. Michael is an expert in sourcing and implementing technology to help us effectively reach out to the marketplace and reach our corporate goals, as well as helping our clients and partners in reaching theirs as well.

Prior to joining LUNA, Michael was the founder and managing director of two marketing consulting agencies… first in 1993, Performance Communications, specializing in printed communications and marketing, and then in 2004, Let’s Go Marketing, a full-service digital marketing consultancy. He comes to LUNA with twenty-five years of proven marketing and sales success.

Throughout his career, Michael has worked with hundreds of businesses in connection with their marketing, sales, and technology-related endeavors. One such business was LUNA Language Services. Since 2005, Michael has been an important voice in determining and executing our strategic direction. He also successfully directed our rebranding from Indianapolis Interpreters to LUNA Language Services in 2014.

In this latest role, Michael has an opportunity to be an even more prominent voice within LUNA. Michael says, “My life’s passion has been in helping people achieve business success. In this role, I have an opportunity to do this further with the LUNA staff, interpreters, and translators, as well as our clients, our partners, and the community as a whole. I am honored to be a part of the LUNA team.”

As a graduate of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, specifically focused on marketing, Michael is well versed in all aspects of marketing, communications, and sales, as well as the technology needed for its successful implementation. He serves as a great resource, not only for us, but for our clients and partners.

On the personal side, Michael is blessed with his family… his wife Jynene who works with UBS Financial Services in Indianapolis, and their two children, a daughter who is 14 and a son who is 12.

Naw Eh Phaw


Naw Eh Phaw is our Director of Language Services. Naw was born in the Southern part of Burma and is fluent in Burmese, Chin and Karen. Not only does she have a talent with languages, but she helps us bridge cultural barriers between our interpreters, clients and the diverse community in Indianapolis. Before joining our team in 2008, Naw was a Resettlement Coordinator at Exodus Refugee Immigration, Inc. where she coordinated case management of newly resettled refugees and handled all aspects of their new lives in Indiana. At LUNA, Naw works diligently mentoring interpreters and continuously improving their skills, as well as with community and service providers to train them in Burmese culture and best practices for using interpreters. She is also our lead Burmese legal interpreter and working towards her legal qualification for the Indiana Supreme Court.

Naw has her Bachelor of Theology and Masters of Ministry from the Far Eastern Fundamental School of Theology in Burma and a Masters of Arts in Theology from the International Theological Seminary in Los Angeles, California. Her husband is pastor of one of the largest Burmese churches in the area, the Falam Baptist Church of Indiana. Naw’s driving interest is in improving the welfare of immigrant children as she herself has two young children and is raising them as first generation Burmese-Americans.

Naw proudly serves on the Board of Directors at Exodus Refugee and also is a dedicated volunteer at the Immigrant Welcome Center of Indianapolis. Naw is an invaluable asset to LUNA with her heart of gold and unyielding dedication to all the immigrants in our community.

Rebecca Buchan


Rebecca Buchan has dedicated almost two decades to the field of American Sign Language interpreting. After becoming nationally certified and working in various interpreting venues, she has gone on to become an interpreting mentor, educator and national presenter. Rebecca spent two-and-a-half years on the Professional Development team of Sorenson Communications where she was one of twenty-three people located across the country to develop, administer and present workshops and trainings specific to the interpreting mentoring process.

As an additional part of her duties working in the Professional Development Department, she was on the original development team for the company-wide assessment tool that Sorenson Communications now uses for their 4,000+ current and future interpreting employees. Rebecca spends time serving on several professional non-profit boards including the state of Indiana’s Board of Interpreting Standards (BIS), the Indiana Chapter of Interpreters for the Deaf (ICRID), where she currently serves as Past President, and the combined ICRID and Indiana Association of the Deaf Task Force. She holds the highest national certification for ASL interpreters and recently completed her Master’s Degree in Organizational Communication. Rebecca has interpreted for all levels of government proceedings including most recently, President Obama, and is one of the first court qualified ASL interpreters in Indiana.

In her role as our Director of ASL Services and Education, Rebecca supervises our current pool of ASL interpreters and aids in the coordination of their assignments to ensure the best language match for our end-users. Additionally, Rebecca serves as our Program Director of Pathways to Certification, LUNA Language Services’ unique mentoring program, which encompasses face-to-face mentoring, skills assessments and networking in a professional and supportive environment. In partnership with local refugee organizations, Rebecca is also part of a state-wide presentation team to educate providers on the importance and best practices of using qualified interpreters in their respective professional arenas. Rebecca’s specific passion is to help new interpreters build a bridge between formal training and/or grassroots interpreting experiences and the real world of interpreting.

Una Hartzell-Baird


Una Hartzell-Baird is LUNA’s Director of Translation. She oversees the daily operations of the translation department. Her background as an interpreter gives Una excellent experience working with language service professionals. Like many on the LUNA staff, Una also acts as an interpreter for the Bosnian and Croatian languages.

Una was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and relocated with her family to Indianapolis in 1995 through a refugee resettlement program. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Public Affairs: Nonprofit Management at the IUPUI School of Public and Environmental Affairs in 2009 and her Masters of Public Affairs in 2010.

Una dedicates free time to volunteering with local nonprofit organizations. Una states, “I’m a problem solver. I love the opportunity to take on challenges our clients are facing and turn them into solutions.”

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