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Join Our Team

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Working at LUNA

We welcome your interest to be a part of our in-house staff or to join our team of contracted American Sign Language and Spoken Language interpreters.

Staff positions will be posted to this site as they come available. We always accept applications for language providers from multilingual individuals and CART providers who have a strong desire to help others with their language access. We offer interested interpreters competitive hourly wages with flexible working hours, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

For Foreign Language Interpreters, we have greater interpreting needs for rare languages and dialects. Preference will be given to those individuals that have completed interpreter training courses or who are court certified. Having interpreting experience is a necessary requirement for contracting with LUNA.

For ASL Applicants, we expect completion of certification (IIC, NIC or equivalent) and to be considered a member in good standing with the Hard of Hearing and Deaf communities. We have a growing number of interpreting appointments throughout the state of Indiana. If you are an ASL interpreter and wish to receive state of Indiana requests, please follow this link for information on State of Indiana work.

Our clients request the following:

  • On-site interpreting in business, medical, social services, school, and court settings
  • Phone interpreting scheduled or last-minute from home or in our office
  • Simultaneous interpreting for conferences, meetings, and court proceedings
  • Legal certification in any languages where certification is available
  • CART services for school, meetings, and events

We value and appreciate your interest to contact LUNA!

Interested in joining our team of interpreters?