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In this important section of our site, our clients will find that LUNA pledges to provide exemplary language solutions with confidence about the quality, confidentiality and safety of our services. Whether our services are at a private event or in a medical, legal, educational, corporate, or government setting, our language providers conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism. They follow national ethical standards and LUNA’s Code of Professional Conduct, are trained in HIPAA and other related privacy standards, and receive annual updates about changes in the law. All non-essential documents with private information are either destroyed or if stored, kept behind lock and key. Electronic information is encrypted and password protected.

We train our providers to follow the policies and procedures of our clients, whether it be a look of assurance, cell phone policies, or even hand washing procedures. In response to evolving industry standards set forth by the Joint Commission and the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care, we collect extensive compliance documents on our language providers and maintain stringent minimum qualifications in terms of certifications, training and experience. These extra efforts not only provide assurance to our clients, but promote the safety of our consumers we serve together.