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Contact Us Today!  317.341.4137

Our Mission

To promote language access for people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing or do not speak English with direct language services, professional development opportunities for language providers and language access education for our clients and community. Using a partnership model based on service, we are dedicated to creating solutions to deliver the most qualified language services to our clients and the consumers we serve together, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Commitment to Community

The team at LUNA has watched first-hand as Indiana diversifies into a multi-cultural, multi-lingual state as immigrants and refugees seeking asylum are settling into the area from across the globe. Likewise, there is a large population of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals across this state seeking access to services on a daily basis. While we celebrate the contributions these groups make to our lives, service providers and businesses in this area have faced a challenge shared by many cities and states across the nation, how to provide cost-effective and high quality language access to these groups? Meeting this challenge at LUNA is how we can differentiate ourselves from other language services agencies.

The Deaf, Hard of Hearing and non-English speaking populations are at the heart of our business. We recognize we are only in business because of them and we will push ourselves and our community to meet our shared responsibility to provide them with access to services. In order to best service these populations, LUNA has partnered with community agencies, organizations and other businesses that also serve and represent these groups. Working together we can provide language solutions to all the stakeholders involved to increase language access and the recognition of cultural differences in our community.


At the center of the company’s business model is a spirit of professional collaboration with clients, partnerships, and language providers. We are dedicated to share the language services goal to promote language quality and accessibility to consumers and patients who need it. The demand for quality and affordable language services has increased as Indiana’s immigrant and refugee populations and business needs have grown.


LUNA’s interpreters are comprised of the most talented and qualified Spoken and ASL interpreters in the state. Our global translation team excels in unique locally spoken languages. Our capable staff of coordinators are seasoned interpreters who understand the needs of our clients and consumers. Chris Waters, President of LUNA, has gathered a talented, capable, and culturally sensitive team that continues to expand as does the company, with dedication and integrity.


LUNA Language Services has established meaningful and professional relationships with various industry respected businesses, associations and non-profit organizations, as well as qualified and talented individuals. Our national and local partners join us in assisting our clients to meet equal access requirements for limited English proficient (LEP), Hard of Hearing and Deaf individuals through language provision and cultural responsiveness.


Our management staff leads our team with an aim towards establishing relationships with our clients and partners.


Coordinators are seasoned interpreters who understand the needs of the consumers you serve.


With the goal to raise the bar of interpreting in our region, professional development is key.


Certified ASL interpreters and qualified spoken language interpreters available in over 90 languages.


A global network of certified translators to work on specialized documents, such as medical, legal or industrial.


Our growing network of CART Providers will be at hand for classes, conferences or other needs.

Contact us 24/7 for all your language service needs!